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Mothers Ruin or Mummies little helper? Either way we are sure we will have a gin that you will love. Our core selection of 14 gins listed here are always evolving and we'll always have at least 25 gins on our bar for you to sample,  a mixture of known & loved and "Never heard of it". Please feel free to ask one of our team about our selection- they will be happy to help.

"I would like to observe the vermouth from across the room while I drink my Martini"

Winston Churchill 


....Lets face it - its no secret that our gin collection is growing on a daily basis  ( we are no up to about 35) so keep an eye out on facebook on twitter for updates & don't forget our Gin Club is on every Sunday from 3pm onwards. Below is a little sample to whet your whistle...

Tottering Sloe Gin -27% 

Info: An incredible sloe created by Foxdenton especially for Lord Tottering's shooting parties. 

Botanicals: 7 Organic botanicals are used including sloe berries, lime flower oil, lemon peel coriander seeds, and plum skins 

Notes: Creamy and fruity, rounded with prunes, plum wine and pepper. Best served with chilled Champagne or as Lord Tottering named it himself the 'Sloegasm' 


Saffron Gin - 40%- Coriander & Orange Twist 

Notes: A unique recipe discovered in the archives of France's colonial past when England and France both claimed India as their jewel. 

Botanicals: Made from the finest natural botanicals, in addition to Saffron there's juniper, coriander, lemon, orange peel, angelica seeds, iris and fennel. 

Notes: The Saffron gives a delicately spicy character, sweet scents or orange and mandarin peel & a subtle hint of juniper. Concludes refreshingly dryly followed by a delicate juniper and spice after taste. 


Larios 12 -40% - Grapefruit Wedge

Info: A stunning Spanish gin, where all the botanicals are distilled five times. 

Botanicals: Wild juniper, nutmeg, angelica root, coriander, Mediterranean lemon, orange, tangerine, mandarin, Clementine, grapefruit, lime and orange blossom. 

Notes: The nose is tangy with huge citrus  and fresh flowers flavours. Herby and spicy on the plate with a suble current of blossom, pot-pourri and cardamom. 


Bath Tub - 43.3% - Blood Orange wedge 

Info: Awarded 'World Best Compound Gin 2014'. This extraordinary gin is made using the traditional method of cold infusing. 

Botanicals: Infused with juniper, orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, to name a few!

Notes: Fresh juniper and slight citrus aroma, with a creamy texture and a long lightly dry finish. 


Jensen's Old Tom - 43%- Lemon Twist

Info: Replicating the style of original 'sweet' gins from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Made to an 1840's recipe, its story spans from Tokyo to South London. 

Botanicals: The exact mix of botanicals  is not public knowledge but there is definately juniper, coriander, orris root, angelica and liquorice

Notes: Eucalyptus, pine-ey juniper, parma violets, and earthy sweet tea, with zesty orange and a soapy hint of almond make up this fabulous aroma. Leaving a taste of green vegetal notes with woody liquorice.


Tottering Sharpener- 45% Lemon Twist 

Info: Fabulous London dry gin from Foxdenton. Recently described as 'A true gin lovers spirit'. 

Botanicals: Very traditional, angelica root, juniper, coriander seeds and lemon. 

Notes: Rounded rich palate with dry oak, pine resin, juniper and a tinge of cardamom


The Botanist -46%- Thyme and Lemon Twist 

Info: Made in a Lomond pot-still, rescued from the old Inverleven Distillery that due to to it's un-shapely appearance is known as 'Ugly Betty'

Botanicals: A whopping 31 botanicals go into it, including 22 native to Islay. Apple mint, birch leaves, bog myrtle leaves, cinnamon bark, creeping thistle flowers, elder flowers & gorse flowers to name but a few. 

Notes: Incredibly pungent, resiny pine, eucalyptus- led, with subtle parma violets, leather and sage tones. 


Monkey 47- 47% Strawberry & Black Pepper 

Info: An unusual gin from the Black Forest in Germany. Monkey 47 contains a unique ingredient, Cranberries!

Botanicals: The 47 comes from the number of botanicals that go into this unique gin and that fact that it is bottled at a healthy 47 % ABV 

Notes: Floral, herbal, honeysuckle and pomelo are all there in this roller coaster of a gin. Hibiscus and chamomile make an unexpected appearance, culminating in a fruity yet smooth finish. 


Oxley 47% - Grapefruit Wedge 

Info: An extremely unique gin due to it being distilled at a chilly -5°, this means that only small quantities of this gin can be produced and ensures exceptionally small batch quality. 

Botanicals: Taking 8 years and 38 attempts to get the botanical recipe right, combining traditional Tuscan juniper with contemporary meadowsweet and vanilla. 

Notes: The aroma is noticeably fresh, clean and bright. A sweet lemon tart aroma which is rounded by juniper and aniseed. A very elegant texture with round body, light spices and herbal notes that provide as smooth long finish with hints of liquorice. 


No 209 - 46%- Lemon Wedge

Info: A genuinely superb gin that is a must try! Refreshing with a unique flavour.

Botanicals: Bergamot orange peel from Southern Italy, Guatemalan cardamom, Chinese cassia bark and of course juniper. 

Notes: Opening with a beautifully aromatic nose of predominately citrus & floral, with a hint of spiciness. As the spirit warms in the mouth floral notes are liberated from bergamot and coriander, followed by a pepper like warmth emerging from cardamom. Leaving the spice of the cassia to linger and encourage another sip. 


Martin Millers- 40%- Mint Sprig

Info: Distilled in pot stills and shipped to Iceland, where it is mixed with Icelandic spring water. 

Botanicals: It is flavoured with Tuscan juniper, cassia bark, angelica, Florentine orris, coriander and Seville citrus peel, nutmeg, cinnamon and liquorice root. 

Notes: A creamy, silky mouth feel, with a wash of citrus and a warm spicy finish. The juniper is soft and creates a lovely balance. 


Portobello Road No 171 - 42% - Grapefruit Wedge 

Info: An old style London Dry Gin with its recipe taking inspiration from the late 1800's. 

Botanicals: Juniper is center stage, with nutmeg, lemon peel, bitter orange peel, angelica root and cassia bark

Notes: Elegant floral nose with lavender and camphor. A long dry finish of liquorice, refreshing acidic citrus, pepper and spice. 


Little Bird 41.6%- Grapefruit Twist 

Info: Made in small batches, this gin is on of the few London Dry gins that is still distilled in the capital. Every Sunday on Maltby Street- Little Bird is part of a pop nostalgic gin cafe.  

Botanicals: This fruity gin is made up of 10 botanicals, predominately grapefruit, ginger and orange, which are lovingly represented by the lady on their bottle. 

Notes: Citrus and pine on the nose with a faint hint of nutty almond. Extremely smooth with delicate ginger tones. 


Masons Yorkshire Gin - 42% - Apple Slice 

Info: This small batch London Dry gin from God's Own County! Masons use's Harrogate spring water for their gin. 

Botanicals: Juniper, coriander seed, almond oil, Bay leaf, fennel, cardamom, Szechuan pepper, lemon, lime and Seville orange peel. 

Notes: Fennel & coriander as well as a little leafy lemon. A smooth gin, with malty, grainy notes, This is followed by a mix of coriander and pine with an undertone of sweetness makes this a well-rounded gin. 


Opihr Oriental Spiced - 40% - 

Info: A London Dry Gin, named after a port mentioned in the bible which was renowned for its wealth. All the botanicals are inspired the ancient spice route. 

Botanicals: Cubeb berries from Indonesia, Cracked Black Pepper spice from India, Coriander from Morocco. Other botanicals include Turmeric, Cardamom and Juniper.

Notes: The aroma is reminiscent of an exquisitely rich curry house, with a strong taste of Turmeric and Juniper and a lingering heat. This gin is one of the most heavily spiced gins in the world, transporting the drinker to a distant land. 








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