Boxing Day Menu

Boxing Day Lunch in York

Time to treat yourself, the most wonderful time of the year is almost over, so relax, unwind and let us do the work for you with our wonderfully OTT 3 course menu.

  • 3 Courses – £75 per person
  • Boxing Day only – open for pre booked tables only from 5pm onward
  • A deposit of £15 per person will be required in order to confirm your reservation and a pre order at least 5 days prior to the reservation date is requested.
Meat being served for Christmas Parties and New Year's Eve at The Whippet Inn York

Thank God for The Whippet being open on Boxing Day, they're my saviour from the hob! The standard of food and wine beats what I've cooked for Christmas Day hands down, it's just absolutely heaven to chill out and enjoy a luscious meal that's been cooked by someone else. Love it. Love it. Love it!

Local, Pocklington

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