What's your beef?

Here at Whippet Inn, not only do we take great pride in delivering exceptional dining experiences to our guests, we’re also now home to the traditional art of dry aging beef.

Dry aged beef in the fridge York restaurant

Specialist dry aged beef restaurant in York

Famous for our superb beef, we’re always asking ourselves, how do we make our steaks even better? Introducing our ‘Dry Aging Cabinet’ – a new addition that sets us apart from the rest of York’s amazing restaurants.

What is dry aged beef?

Dry aging is a traditional art that exposes large cuts of beef to controlled conditions for an extended period, ranging from weeks to months. During this time, natural enzymes break down the muscle tissue, tenderising the meat while concentrating the flavour. This process intensifies the taste for a unique depth and complexity.

Our new mantra: Rat less meat…Eat better beef

As connoisseurs of exquisite beef, we understand the significance of aging meat to enhance its texture and flavour. In order to provide the ultimate steak experience, we’ve invested in a top-of-the-line dry aging cabinet. The cabinet allows us to carefully control the temperature, humidity, and air circulation needed to achieve the perfect conditions for dry aging our prime cuts of beef.

Benefits of dry aging: why is it so damn good?

Unparalleled flavour: dry aging enhances the beef’s natural richness, lending a distinct nutty, buttery flavour. Every bite is big, beefy, savoury explosion.

Exceptional tenderness: the enzymes at work during the aging process break down collagen, resulting a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Concentrated juiciness: the evaporation that occurs during dry aging concentrates the natural juices within the meat, creating a succulence that is truly outstanding.

What’s in the cabinet?

We’re curating an ever-changing selection of fantastic breeds and delicious cuts of beef from around the world. There will only be a limited amount of each selection, so whether you’re a local or a visitor, don’t miss out on your chance to indulge in the best steaks in York. Join our mailing list to view our cuts calendar and reserve your beef before anyone else: sign up now

What’s the beef?

We’re lucky enough to have some serious steak lovers dine with us every day, meaning every cut has sold out pretty much straight away… but here our just a few highlights of the best steaks are guests have enjoyed so far.

70 Day Aged, Whisky Ribeye, UK
Infused with our own unique whisky blend, including the much-loved Filey Bay’s Flagship Whisky. Magnificent marbling allows for ultimate flavour, finished with a subtle hint of Maple Syrup

Gali Sakura Yozo – Italian Ex Dairy, 65 Day Aged , Chuleton
Phenomenal marbling, rich & decedent whilst simultaneously balanced. The rendered fat leaves buttery, beefy notes with a present but not overpowering gamey finish.

Salt Aged T-bone, 80 Days, UK
Packed with big umami flavours of mushroom and truffle. You need to be a true steak lover for this beefy bad boy!

What people say

OMG, I've never tasted beef like this before. If you've ever wanted to know what dry aged beef tastes like, this is the place to come – I honestely thought I was going to have a when Harry met Sally moment!


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